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10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

Are you and your Family ready for a disaster?

You know the saying, hope for the best but plan for the worst. It is important to always be prepared and a Bug Out Bag can be one of the most important items that we can have in any type of emergency.

September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA is encouraging people to Prepare for Emergencies.

Now, we are not suggesting that you prepare for Unlikely to happen situations like a Zombie Apocalypse, although nothing is impossible.

We are talking about being prepared for Natural Disasters which can occur at any moment. Just take a look at the major flooding in Colorado which left thousands of people missing or stranded for days and weeks. Or the Catastrophic Flooding in Houston recently which left more than 30,000 people in Shelters.

What can we do to be better prepared?

Well there are many things we can do like Natural Disaster Training and there are hundreds of Sites that dedicate themselves to providing us with great tips for preparing us for all types of emergencies based on where you live and what is more likely to impact us based on our location.

But there is one thing that we can all have that can save our lives in an emergency. A Survival Kit, also known as a Bug Out Bag because it is designed to be Portable / Lightweight and can easily be carried with you in case of an evacuation. 

A Bug Out Bag can also be useful when Traveling, Camping, Hiking and during a Hurricane or Blackout. It should have all of the essential tools needed for a person to survive at least 72 Hours or longer.

The easiest way to get your Survival Kit or Bug Out bag is to purchase one of our Survival Kits that are designed with everything that you need without any worries. We carry 3 Day Survival Kits and 14 Day Food Storage Kits which can save your lots of time and money.

Or you can also purchase everything separately and create your own. Here are the top 10 things that every Bug Out Bag should have.

1. Water

emergency water 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

Water is the most important thing in our Bug Out Bags because we will not survive long without it. There are Emergency Water Pouches that are easy to carry and can be packed into your Bug Out Bag easily. It is also recommended to carry Water Purification Packets used by the U.S. Military in case you run out of clean water.

2. Food

prepper survival food 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

Plus you will need Food for energy. It is important to pack your Bug Out Bag with Non-Perishable Food that has a long-lasting shelf life. You can either pack complete emergency meals that are ready to eat or you can go as light as possible with Emergency Food Rations that are packed with Calories but lack in taste & variety.

3. First Aid Kit

first aid kit 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

It is important to always have an Emergency Kit nearby in case anyone gets injured. Although our First Aid Cabinets are perfect for Long-Term Survival Situations and Large Families, it is better to always have a more compact kit that can be carried easily. Our Portable Emergency Kits have all of the essentials including Bandages, Anti-Inflammatory Pills, Sutures etc.

4. Clothing

tactical clothing 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

Besides the Clothing that you will be wearing, it is crucial that you also have Tactical Apparel that is Designed for Outdoor Activities. Depending on your Climate, you might want to make sure that you also have a Tactical Coat or Jacket for Warmth.

5. Shelter

emergency shelter 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

There are a few options when it comes to Shelter. You will need a Sleeping Bag or Blanket and some type of Tent or Tarp for Protection from the Outdoor Elements. Although it will be hard to get some rest, you will need to get some sleep so that you can maintain your energy. We carry a Super, Lightweight Reflective Tent that you can carry in your Bug Out Bag and you can use one of our Poncho Tarps as a Blanket that Zips into a Pouch.

6. Rope/Cord

emergency rope 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

Rope or Paracord can be used for Multiple Purposes like hanging a Tent or Tarp, used as shoelaces, Fishing Cord and many more uses. It will definitely come in handy, we promise.

7. Tools

emergency tools and knives 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

We suggest that everyone carries at least a Multi-Purpose Tool that can come in handy when you need a Screwdriver, Bottle Opener etc. We also recommend a nice Chow Utensil Set for eating and a nice Culinary Knife as well.

8. Self Defense

self defense products 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

Although we carry a gun for Protection, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with that. But it is important to carry some type of weapon like a Stung Gun and/or Pepper Sprayy to keep your Family Safe. Not only from Criminals that want to take your Bug Out Bag but from Wild Animals etc.

9. Communication

emergency radio 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

We never want to be disconnected from the world so it is important to always have a means of communication. A Solar/Wind Up Radio will allow you to get the latest News and Emergency Broadcast without worrying about batteries.

10. Money

emergency bug out money 10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

In a Catastrophe or other Emergency, we may not have access to Banks or ATM Machines. So we should always have some cash put away in our Bug Out Bags to buy food or supplies from Stores or Other People.

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