When Should You Bug Out?

People leaving the area

As we reference in one of our other Posts, Where Should A Prepper Start? – “Bugging Out” or leaving the Safety of your home should be a last Resort Plan if: • You don’t have a Remote Location with Long Term Supplies • The Dangers outdoors are greater than staying inside Bugging out when SHTF […]

Where Should A Prepper Start?

The first thing to do is to decide. What you are preparing for? When it comes to Natural Disasters, someone in California should be preparing for an Earthquake. Where someone in Kansas, will most likely prepare for a Tornado. People who live in Urban areas should think about finding a Remote Location in the Mountains […]

Survival Kit – Pre-Built vs Build Your Own

Different styles of survival kits

So you’ve decided to get your Survival Kit ready or maybe you’re thinking about getting a new one. There is some debate whether someone should build their own or Purchase one of our Pre-Built Survival Kits. Below we will highlight the Pros and Cons of both. You can truly make it your own by choosing […]

The Best Clothing for Preppers

There is some debate whether a Prepper should wear the “Military Look” when preparing their Outfits for an Emergency Situation. On one hand a person can bring on un-wanted attention from the wrong people when sporting Military Clothing. In a Catastrophe type situation, there will be groups of criminals looking to get there hands on […]

Do you need a Concealed Carry Bag

WHY CONCEALED CARRY BAGS? Although most people prefer to carry their handgun on their body it can be rather uncomfortable and will require you to continually adjust the position of your gun. Which takes us to the next point. By having to continuously adjust it, you will bring attention to yourself which defeats the purpose […]

10 Must Have Items for your Bug Out Bag

You know the saying, hope for the best but plan for the worst. It is important to always be prepared and a Bug Out Bag can be one of the most important items that we can have in any type of emergency. September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA is encouraging people to Prepare for […]