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Complete Hurricane Survival Kit – 4 Person

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Complete Hurricane Survival Kit – 4 Person

This 4 Person Hurricane Emergency Kit was Designed to help people Survive a Natural Disasters like Hurricanes and Severe Storms. During these Stressful and Dangerous situations, it is very likely that you can lose Electricity, Communication, Water & Plumbing. This Kit Contains the Tools needed to keep your family safe while you whether the Storm.


Emergency Food & Water – You get (4) 3600 Calorie SOS US Coast Guard Approved Food Bars with a 5-Year Shelf Life.

Water Storage Resource. This Kit contains (12) 1 Gallon Water Pouches and (60) Water Purification Tablets that will provide up to 4 People the recommended FEMA Recommended Water Consumption per day.


Hygiene and Sanitation. This Kit also provides your and your family with a Complete Emergency Toilet. It is important to maintain sanitary conditions during the aftermath of a Hurricane. You get a Toilet Seat which fits any 5 Gallon Bucket, an Eco Friendly Toilet Gel, Non-Powdered Nitrile Gloves, 10 Toilet Liners, a Biohazard Bag and (4) N95 Breathing Masks.


FEMA Recommends having ample Lighting during a Hurricane. You can avoid serious injuries by having a variety of Lighting and Power Sources. This Kit provides you with AM/FM Radio with Weather Band, Radio/Charger/Flashlight Device, (6) Light Sticks, 1 LED Lantern and 1 LED CREE Flashlight.

Emergency Survival Tools & Gear – This would not be a Complete Kit without the necessary Items to survive a Hurricane. The Kit also comes with (2) Emergency Blankets, (2) Rain Ponchos, (1) First Aid Kit, (1) Emergency Rescue Whistle, Rope, Duct Tape, Work Gloves, Multi-Tool Knife, Can Opener, Hygiene Kit, Sewing Kit & (1) Emergency Preparedness Guide


2 x 3600 kcal Food Bars with 5 Year Shelf Life (US Coast Guard Approved) 12 x 4.2 oz Water Pouch with 5 Year Shelf Life (US Coast Guard Approved)
2 x Toothbrush 1 x Toothpaste 1 x Comb 1 x Razor 1 x Shaving Cream 4 x Shampoo 1 x Soap Bar 2 x Feminine Pad 1 x Washcloth 1 x Toilet Paper (roll) 1 x Sewing Kit (small)
1 x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook 1 x Pencil 1 x Weatherproof Zip bag
1 x Folding 1L Water Container 5 x Water Purification Powder 1 x Water Purification Instruction Sheet
​1 x Dynamo Radio / Flashlight 2 x Glow Sticks
1 x 5-in-1 Survival Whistle 1 x 5mm x 50′ Rope 1 x Duct Tape 1 x Work Gloves 1 x Multitool Knife 1 x Playing Cards 1 x GI Can Opener
1 x 118 pc First Aid Kit 2 x N95 Mask

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Complete Hurricane Survival Kit – 4 Person


This 4 Person Disaster Kit is the only 72-Hour Kit Designed Specifically for Hurricanes.

Emergency Food & Water
Water Storage Resource
Complete Emergency Toilet
Communication & Lighting
Survival Tools & Gear

Do not wait for the Next Hurricane, get your Hurricane Survival Kit today!

Sale Price: $189.99

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