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Whether you are a Tactical Operator or a Regular Citizen who wants to protect his or her family, you might make the choice to carry a Self Defense Firearm. Make sure that you have the proper Accessories to make your CCW System even more effective. Here at World Of Preppers we carry a wide selection of Concealed-Carry Products and Accessories at affordable prices. So whether you are looking for Concealed Carry Clothing, Bags, Holsters or Gun Safes, we got you covered.

Below you will see the types of Concealed Carry Products that we sell here at our Store. If you ever have any question please feel free to contact us.


Concealed Carry Clothing

Everyone who Carries a Firearm should invest in some Concealed Carry Clothing. There is no better way to pack then having your piece close to your body where it is quickly accessible. It’s not always best to let others know that you are protected to avoid being targeted. We carry CCW Jackets & Vests for all Seasons.

Concealed Carry Bags

We carry all types of Bags for Concealed Carry. From Handbags, Waist Bags to Gym Bags, we probably have what you need to take your CCW to another level. Feel Safe, Protected while being discreet or intimidating others. If you need further information, please read our Concealed Carry Articles here.

Concealed Carry Holsters

It is not always possible to carry your firearm on your waist due to laws and regulations so we offer Concealed Carry Holsters that you can wear on your Belt, Waist area or even your Ankle. Do not leave your home unprotected just because you don’t want or can’t have your piece exposed.

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