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Basic Quake Pack – 2 Person

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The 2 Person Basic Quake Pack was designed specifically for Natural Disasters like an Earthquake. These Kits have the essential items needed to Survive after the Ground has Shook. Unfortunately as many of us know, when an earthquake happens, buildings get damaged, people separate and no one knows how long it will take for help to arrive so it is important to always be prepared.

Unlike the Deluxe Quake Pack, this kit is a bit more basic in case you want to add your own products as you see fit.

This Kit has the Following Survival Items that will help you during this type of disaster:

Food & Water – USA Made SOS Brand Food Rations and Emergency Water Pouches are US Coast Guard Approved. These Emergency Food Bars will supply an individual with 1200 Calories per day without dehydrating. They are developed with Low Sodium Content to reduce unnecessary thirst. This Kit will provide the necessary Calories for Two People.

Protection & Tools – After an earthquake it is important to have the necessary tools to pry yourself and loved ones out of a room or building. Plus it is important to have a Hard Hat, Goggles and Work Gloves in case you have to move things around to avoid serious injuries.

Emergency Guides – This Kit also has an Emergency Preparedness Guidebook that was written by experts that will help you create an emergency plan or administer aid to a loved one.

Below are the full details of the items in this Kit. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. If you live or are planning on traveling to an area that is prone to Earthquakes, purchase your Emergency Survival Kit today and we will get it to you quickly.


1x 3600 Calories SOS Food Ration Bar
12x SOS 4.2oz Water Pouches

2x Emergency Blanket
2x Folded N95 Mask
1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook 1x Pencil

1x Rubber Flashlight with D Batteries
2x Motion Sensor LED Head Lamp with AAA Batteries
2x Signal Whistles

1x 15 Inch Pry Bar 2x Hard Hats 2x Work Gloves 2x Safety Goggles


Protect yourself & your loved ones in case anyone was to get hurt. This Basic First Aid Kit has the Essential Items needed to take care of Basic Wounds to avoid Infections and Stop Minor Bleeding.

107- Piece First Aid Kit

1x PDF Earthquake Guidebook

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Basic Quake Pack – 2 Person


This Natural Disaster Kit was Designed with the Supplies needed to survive the aftermath of an Earthquake.

Food & Water


Earthquake Evacuation Gear

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Sale Price: $99.99

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