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Keep-Me-Safe Children’s Survival Kit

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There is nothing more important to a parent than their children, so it is important to prepare for any future Emergencies or Disasters. The Keep Me Safe Children’s Bug Out Bag was designed with Items that will keep your Child Safe as well as Entertained. It’s not only important to keep them safe physically but mentally focused to avoid trauma.



  • Food & Water: This Survival Kit has enough Food and Water for up to 72 Hours for your Child
  • Comfort:Keep them entertained with Activity Pads, Crayons and even a Teddy Bear to keep them comfortable
  • Hygiene: Our Hygiene is something that most people don’t think about yet it is very important to stay fresh and comfortable in emergency situations.
  • Lightweight: This Backpack Kit only weighs 7 pounds, so it’s easy for most kids to carry or you can always attach it to your Bug Out Bag for easy mobility.


1x Children’s Water Bottle
1x 2400 Calorie Food Bar
2x Millennium Food Bars
6x 4.2oz Water Pouches

1x HeatStore Reflective Blanket
1x Emergency Reflective Blanket
1x Children’s Green Poncho
3x Hand Warmers

1x Toothbrush
1x Toothpaste
1x Comb
1x Shampoo
1x Soap Bar
1x Washcloth
6x Wet Naps

2x Activity Pads
1x Note Paper
1x Pencil
1x Stuffed Bear
1x Crayons

1x Light Stick
1x Rubber Flashlight with AA Batteries
1x Signal Whistle
1x Informational Insert

1x N95 Mask
1x Children’s Bandaids

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Keep-Me-Safe Children’s Survival Kit


This Children’s 72 Hour Emergency Kit has the Essential Items to keep your Kiddo Safe during an emergency.

Comfort Items
Hygiene & Sanitation
Food & Water
First Aid
Weather Protection
Tools & Misc.

Starting at: $49.99


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