Clothing for Survival The Best Clothing for Preppers

The Best Clothing for Preppers

Military or Casual Tactical

There is some debate whether a Prepper should wear the “Military Look” when preparing their Outfits for an Emergency Situation.

On one hand a person can bring on un-wanted attention from the wrong people when sporting Military Clothing. In a Catastrophe type situation, there will be groups of criminals looking to get there hands on Valuable Items and you could become a Target.

On the other side of the debate you have more experienced people like Police Officers, Military Personnel and just your all around bad asses. Some believe that the Military Style will allow you to blend in on certain situations and actually keep the Bad Guys away for fear of confrontation.

At World of Preppers, we believe that it all depends on your situation. If you are highly trained and belong to a large group of people or have a lot of family close by then the Military Style can work in your favor. But if you’re like most people and maybe just have your immediate family with children, then dressing low key might be the best route to go. Basic Colors and Styles will allow you to bug out or join other groups without looking like a threat.

What’s more important?

Besides the above discussion, most Preppers agree that there are specific types of Clothing that will benefit anyone in an emergency situation like a Catastrophe or Evacuation.

These types of clothing will protect you from the elements while tactically assisting you in your survival.

Here is the List of the most important factors when choosing your Clothing.

#1 Waterproof / Water-Resistant Clothing

Illustration of bad weather a prepper can encounter

No matter where you live, it can rain at anytime. One of the worst things to deal with in a Survival Situation is being wet. Waterproof Clothing will have a measure of Protection against the rain. We also recommend carrying a Poncho. The Tactical Poncho can be used as a Rain Coat and serve as a Tent or Blanket.

#2 Warm Clothing

A man wearing a Tactical Jacket

Again, no matter where you live, even the nights can be chilly. Specially in Colder Climates, it is important to always have Tactical Outerwear made out of Warm Materials such as Wool. You can also layer up so that you can remove pieces of clothing during the day when it is typically warmer.

#3 Multi-Pocket Apparel

A Person Wearing Multi Pocket Clothing

There is only so much that you can pack in your Bug Out Bag. You can easily carry a multitude of Survival Products when you have clothing with multiple pockets. Plus certain items need to be accessible immediately, like Tools, Maps or a Compass. Not to mention that you can carry your most valuable items on your body in case you were to lose your Bag.

#4 Tactical Clothing

Tactical Clothing 1 The Best Clothing for Preppers

Tactical Pants, Shirts & Jackets are Designed for Active Purposes. They are usually Shrink, Wrinkle & Fade Resistant. Plus they are Constructed with High-Quality Materials that won’t Tear or Rip easily. They also have Heavy Duty Zippers & Buttons that will resist breaking even under stressful situations. Tactical Pants are Crafted with Double Seat and Double Knee areas that will withstand rough use.

#5 Tactical Footwear

A Person Wearing Waterproof Boots standing in water

You should definitely invest in a pair of Tactical Boots or Shoes that are Designed and Constructed for Rough Terrain. We also recommend that you make sure that they are Waterproof and Slip-Resistant for obvious reasons. Make sure that you wear them every now to break them in, to avoid getting blisters in an emergency situation.

Socks can be even more important than the type of Shoes. Ask any experienced hiker! We suggest a good pair of Thermal Socks and Sock Liners.

#6 Tactical Headwear

A Women wearing a Hat

Let’s start with the obvious – the Baseball Cap. It will protect your head from the elements and keep the sun from obstructing your vision. Boonie Hats will also protect you from the elements even in the rain. We also recommend carrying a Shemagh and a Bandana. Bandanas have multiple uses, from using it as a light Dust Mask, keeping you cool in hot weather to wrapping up an injury. Tactical Headwear is a must-have.

#7 Clothing Accessories

Tactical Accessories on Table

Don’t forget about the Accessories. A Tactical Paracord Belt can have many uses besides holding your pants up. A Paracord Bracelet with Compass can be super beneficial in certain Situations. And let’s not forget about a good Tactical Watch.

#8 Avoid “Bad Attention” Apparel

Prepper Clothing Do Not Wear 1 The Best Clothing for Preppers

Both Men and Women should be careful when choosing Emergency Preparedness Clothing.

Avoid Bright Colors – You don’t want to stand out so much that you become a target to bad people.

Avoid Provocative Clothing – In an Emergency Situation or Catastrophe there won’t be any Rules or Laws. You do not need unwanted attention from other men looking to take advantage of the situation. Even if you’re a bad ass like many of our followers – Avoiding bad attention – will benefit the people that you’re with.

No Shorts or Tight Clothing – Even though we love Tactical Shorts for every day wear. Wearing shorts is a big no no, in a Survival Situation. You don’t want to fall down and cut your legs or get bit to death by mosquitoes. Tight clothing will be very uncomfortable after a while and will not allow you to have free movement.

#9 Bonus Tip

A Person using a Vacuum to Seal Prepper Clothing

Always keep your Wardrobe next to your Bug Out Bag so that you can change Quickly. Plus always keep extra clothing inside your Bag for changing or adding layers when needed. You can also use a Vacuum Sealer which will save space and will keep your extra clothing fresh.

So there you have it – Our list of the Best Emergency Preparedness Clothing tips brought to you by our team here at World of Preppers. The Proper Types of Clothing can make a significant difference when it comes to your Survival.

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