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The Essentials Complete 72-Hour Kit – 2 Person

Starting at: $69.99

The Essentials Complete 72-Hour Kit - 860-2BAa (2 Person Red Bag)


The Essentials Complete 72-Hour Survival Kit was designed to provide people with a Complete Quality Kit at an Affordable Price. This Bug Out Bag was built based on FEMA Guidelines. It is a Complete Emergency Kit Designed to provide 2 People with the Food, Water and Survival Gear to thrive during an Emergency Event.


This Survival Kit is available with your choice of a Black or Red Backpack. You will receive a Quality Backpack with extra room available for your Personal Items like Clothing, Documents etc. This Bag is Well Equipped with Survival Gear including Shelter & Warmth, Emergency Items, Lighting & Communication, First Aid and a Hygiene Kit.


2 x 3600 kcal Food Ration (US Coast Guard Approved) 12 x Water Pouches – 4.2 oz (US Coast Guard Approved) 1 x Frontier Straw Filter
2 x Emergency Blanket 2 x Adult Poncho
2 x Toothbrush 1 x Toothpaste 1 x Comb 1 x Razor 4 x Shampoo 1 x Soap 2 x Feminine pad 1 x Washcloth 1 x Toilet paper roll 1 x Sewing kit
1 x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook 1 x Weatherproof Zip Bag 1 x Pencil
1 x Frontier Straw Filter
1 x Rubber Flashlight (D Batteries included) 1 x AM/FM Radio (AA Batteries included) 2 x Glow Sticks
1 x Signal Whistle 2 x Safety Goggles 1 x Duct Tape 1 x Playing Cards 1 x Multitool Knife
1 x 53 pc First Aid Kit 2 x N95 Mask

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This 2-Person Emergency Kit is available with your Choice of a Black or Red Backpack

Food & Water
Shelter & Warmth Gear
Emergency Items
Light & Communication
Fist Aid Kit
Hygiene Kit
Emergency Preparedness Guide

Starting at: $69.99


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