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When Should You Bug Out?


As we reference in one of our other Posts, Where Should A Prepper Start? – “Bugging Out” or leaving the Safety of your home should be a last Resort Plan if:

• You don’t have a Remote Location with Long Term Supplies

• The Dangers outdoors are greater than staying inside

Bugging out when SHTF means that you have no other option available and you must grab your Bug Out Bag and leave immediately.

Depending on the Situation, you might be able to travel by vehicle or you might have to go by foot.

This might mean that only the people or pets that can travel quickly and for a long period of time will have to go and leave others behind.

The Decision to leave will be different for every family

• Do you have the Survival Skills needed to survive outdoors?

• Do you have Family Members that have Health Issues or cannot Travel?

• Do you have a New Born in the Family?

The above reasons is why we recommend that everyone prepare to survive at home for most situations. You can start by doing the following:

✔️ Physically Secure Your Home

✔️ Have enough Food & Water Supply for up to 30 days

✔️ Obtain Self Defense Skills needed to Defend your Family & Belongings

✔️ Have the Tools & Supplies Needed to Survive Long Term

But even if you have all of the above items in place, there might come a time where you have no choice but to leave your home.


Emergency Evacuation Situation When Should You Bug Out?

Below we highlight situations where you might have to leave no matter what.

You’re Low on Resources – If you find yourself in a situation where you are running out of Food or Water, and you have determined that there is nowhere else to get supplies in your Surrounding Areas, then you have to set your plan to move.

Your Area is Unsafe – If you see that your Home or Surrounding Areas are unsafe for you and your family then you have to leave or risk getting badly injured or dying.

Possible Threat – In a chaotic situation, there might be groups of criminals breaking into homes or riots going on. In these situations, you might not have any other choice but to leave.

Mandatory Evacuation – In a mandatory evacuation where the police or military are going from home to home evacuating people, then it might be best to grab your Bug Out Bag and prepare to hit the road.


people planning in case of an emergency situation

If someone in your family cannot travel based on the situations above, then you must plan on staying home which means that you must do more to secure your home and have the supplies needed.

And in some cases, you might need to leave someone behind if it means saving everyone else. That’s why it’s important to plan things out with your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to talk about every situation that can occur and come up with the best way to deal with things.

Do some research and join different Prepper Groups in your area to find out where the best locations are in case of a Bug Out situation. If possible, get with friends and family and purchase or lease a small property in the Mountains or in the Country if you live in the city. You can then begin to stock up on Supplies and implement Survival Methods for Long Term Scenarios.


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