WHERE SHOULD A PREPPER START Where Should A Prepper Start?

Where Should A Prepper Start?


The first thing to do is to decide. What you are preparing for?

When it comes to Natural Disasters, someone in California should be preparing for an Earthquake. Where someone in Kansas, will most likely prepare for a Tornado.

People who live in Urban areas should think about finding a Remote Location in the Mountains or in the Country where you can stock up on Long-Term Supplies.  You will then have a place to go in case you have to leave your home.

Regardless of where you live, you should always plan and prepare to stay home first. Depending on the situation, you might not even get a chance to leave. Or the danger might be too much to travel.

You must also take into consideration whether you live with people who cannot easily travel such as the Elderly, People with Health Issues or a New Born Baby.


In an Emergency type situation where you must stay home, it is imperative that you prepare for multiple scenarios.

Food & Water

Long Term Food Storage Buckets on a Pantry Shelf

First off, you must have enough Food & Water for the entire family including your pets for about 30 Days.

Food – Since you are not traveling, you can stock up on a variety of different types of food that you’re family is accustomed to. But keep in mind that you might not have any gas or electricity. Think about alternative ways to cook your food.

Water – You should also think about Water Storage. You must figure out how to store enough drinking water for every family member. That’s about at least ½ a Gallon per day, per person.

Plus don’t forget about Water to bathe or brush your teeth. You can store Water in Large Containers and everyone will have to learn how to use a small pail to bathe and a tiny cup to brush their teeth.

Physical Home Security

People putting Plywood on Windows for Emergencies

People who live in Coastal areas have specific security products in place in case of a Hurricane. Not only to protect their homes from the environment but also protect their property from looters in case of an evacuation.

Everyone else can learn from them and implement the same tactic on their homes. 

Secure Your Windows – Start by purchasing thick plywood’s and cutting them to size for each window. You can easily store them standing up in the garage or storage room when not in use. You can purchase brackets that can be installed on the window seals so that you can quickly attach the pieces of Plywood in case of an emergency or SHTF Scenario.

Secure Your Doors – You can also install Strike Plates on your Main Entry Doors to avoid someone being able to kick them in. Plus you can add Heavy Duty Locks that are not easily picked.

Lighting – It is important that everyone can see at night to avoid serious injuries. Always place Flashlights and Long Lasting Batteries throughout the house. Let everyone know where they can find them in case of a Blackout.

Get a Generator – Try to purchase a Generator in case there’s no electricity. You will be able to cook, heat up water and more. If you cannot purchase a brand new one, look for a used one online or at garage sales. Always keep Fresh Gas available and add gas stabilizer to the tank so that it starts when you need it.

Self Made Alarm Systems – In Situations where there is no electricity or Wifi, you must set up homemade security systems to alert you in case of intruders. You can set up a property alarm around your property by running a fishing line around trees or stakes and tying it up to some empty soda cans so that when someone trips on the line, you will hear the cans shaking.

Battery Operated Alarms – You can also set up battery operated alarms on your windows and doors that will alert you in case someone is trying to break in.

Panic Rooms – It is not too difficult to create a Panic or Safe Room somewhere inside your home. All you really need to do is to choose a small room or large closet and install a Heavy Duty Metal Door and insulate the interior with either Steel Sheething or Heavy Duty Plywood. This will allow you to keep certain family members safe while you defend or you can all hide until the intruders leave.

Self Defense

Man Breaking into home

Unfortunately there might be a situation where someone wants what you have. You will have to defend your home and family. Make sure that you have defense measures in place and everyone knows what to do in this scenario. There are many blogs that give you tips on how to defend your home in case of a break-in.


The next step is to prepare in case you have to leave your home.

You might have to make the decision to move to a safer location or there is a mandatory evacuation. You can learn more by reading our other post – When Should You Bug Out?

Means of Travel

Man Driving

Depending on the situation, you might be able to pack into your Vehicle and hit the highway, so you must be prepared to do so.


Not everyone can afford to convert their SUV into a Bulletproof Tank. But you can always take measures to have your vehicle ready in case you need to travel.

Spare Tire – Make sure that you have a good spare tire on your vehicle along with a Jack and the Tools necessary to change a flat. Plus, we recommend carrying a can of Fix-A-Flat & a Tire Plug Kit in your trunk.

Gasoline – Always try to keep a couple of Gas Cans ready and add Stabilizer to them to make the gas last longer. Use the gas for your lawnmower, trimmer etc., to keep recycling it but always keep the gas tanks full in case you have to Bug Out in a hurry.

Fluids – You can carry some extra Fluids like Brake Fluid, Antifreeze, Oil etc.

Extra Parts – It is a good idea to do some research on your vehicle and get some basic extra parts that frequently go out. We like to always keep an extra Serpentine Belt, Belt Tensioner, Bulbs, Hoses , Clamps, Electrical Wire and the almighty Duck Tape handy.

Basic Tools – Carry a Tool Bag in your vehicle even if you’re not mechanically inclined. Basic Tools like Screwdrivers, Pliers, Wrenches & Sockets can quickly get you back on the road in case of a break down.

Auto Survival Kit – You can purchase a Survival Kit for your Vehicle right now that will have the essentials in case of a break down. It should have items like tools, shelter, lighting and more!


There might be certain situations where you cannot drive your vehicle or maybe you don’t own one. Here are a few tips that will make your journey easier.

Walking Shoes – Always have a good pair of Shoes or Boots ready in case you have to walk it. You never know what type of roads you might encounter. You might have to walk over broken glass, jump over vehicles or walk though very rough terrains. A good pair of Tactical Shoes or Boots will keep you safe.

Bug Spray – Again you don’t know what type of Terrain you might encounter and you do not want to be eaten alive by mosquitoes, bugs or spiders.

Proper Clothing – Always wear a couple of layers of clothing in case it gets cold. You can always remove them if it gets warmer but you must keep your body temperature regulated in order to walk for many miles. Try to wear a long Sleeve Shirt and a Hat so that you don’t’ get sunburned on your journey. A Bandana can be a life saver because it can be used for a multitude of situations.


Man Traveling with Bug Out Bag

This is where your Bug Out Bag will become invaluable. You should already have all of the necessary items in your Bug Out Bag ready to go. View our 10 Must-Have Items For Your Bug Out Bag if you don’t have yours already.

Below is a quick run-down of the items that you should have in your Survival Kit.




First Aid Kit



Extra Clothing


Self Defense Items



Of Course there’s much more to Emergency Preparedness than what’s in this article. But if you have not even started to get ready in case of an emergency, do yourself and your family a favor and start today. Just by implementing these Basic Start-Up Tips, you increase your chances of survival by more than 50%.  

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